5 escort tips to become a successful courtesan

This article on escort tips is a guest post, kindly submitted by Exotic Vivian

As someone who receives a number of emails from escort hopefuls asking for escort tips to become successful in this line of work, I can honestly and humbly say that I entered into the sex work business with one goal in mind: to create a lucrative stream of income.

Since I ventured into sex work in 2013, I have learned a thing or two about some critical factors you absolutely need to know before you jump into the proverbial entrepreneurial waters.

In most new business ventures, success or failure is all about knowing what actions to take and how to take them in the right order. I decided to write this quick self-help guide with the hope to help steer some ladies in the right direction.

Here are five things you need to know about running a successful escort business. Feel free to use this as a checklist to make sure your thinking and plans are on the right track. Continue reading 5 escort tips to become a successful courtesan